Benefits of Including Assessments in Your Recruitment and Selection Process

Clients often ask why they should include assessments as part of their recruitment and selection procedures. Our answer is not to say that assessments will guarantee that a candidate who does well on an assessment can then be deemed to be a 100% positive fit for the role, as this would be unrealistic. However, what we can assure our clients of is that assessment centres can certainly improve an employer’s success when seeking new staff.

Recruitment in this day and age is becoming more and more difficult due to many reasons such as high unemployment and thus large numbers of applicants to sift through as well as the fact that it is becoming increasingly common that cv’s of desperate works seekers are “tweaked” to fit the requirements of the role. In addition, references which generally add significant value to the recruitment process, are not always possible, often inaccurate and often impossible due to the large number of unemployed youth who do not yet have work experience.

Should we use Assessments for Entry Level Roles?

Many clients may feel that using assessments for entry level roles is not financially viable due to the large number of eligible candidates that are seemingly easy to accurately select, and the fact that assessments would merely add to the cost and time of recruiting for these roles. Bradshaw LeRoux would tend to reinforce the importance of getting it right from the start to promote retention, development and efficiency. If you remove people from an organisation what remains? Yes, we hear it all the time but we need to remember that people really are an organisation’s greatest asset and this applies to all levels of the organisation. Research consistently shows that quality of staff and the way they work together are the biggest factors driving success and performance. We should, therefore, critically evaluate how we recruit our staff and what methods we use to ensure that they are suitable for all levels and roles in the company.

Despite the number of assessment companies out there and advances in both psychometric and competency based assessment centres, it is apparent that many staff are still recruited using the most basic techniques such as reference checks, unstructured interviews and referrals.  Whilst there is a place for ‘gut feel’ after an interview, we cannot afford to gamble with the success of a placement by only using one method of selection. The more holistic our recruitment and selection processes, the greater the predictor of future success and performance.

So, What Can Bradshaw LeRoux do to Assist you With Your Recruitment and Selection?

We at Bradshaw LeRoux promote a holistic approach to assessments whereby we would consider the behavioural style, cognitive abilities and competence of candidates. The higher the level, the more important it becomes to also consider other aspects such as Integrity and emotional intelligence in order to achieve a greater prediction of success in the role. Assessments bring objectivity to the selection process.

What do You Need to do?

The key is firstly to identify precise factors leading to current job success – known as ‘competencies’. You would then send us the job description so that we can put together a battery of relevant, job specific assessments and then arrange a time and place to assess candidates for these competencies.

Types of assessments that would be included in our strategy for assessing competence of your applicants:

  • Competency-based interviewing
  • Psychometrics (learning potential, cognitive ability, emotional intelligence and personality)
  • Technical and trainability assessments for entry level roles
  • Competency-based in-trays/case studies/other relevant written exercises
  • Interactive role-plays/group discussions

Bradshaw LeRoux would then report back on the candidate’s performance and make recommendations in terms of their fit for the level of work for which they are assessed. These results would then be used by your HR Departments, in conjunction with other criteria such as interviews, reference checks and possible internal assessments, to make a considerably more informed, objective decision.

If you have any queries about our assessment services or would like for us to set up a meeting to come and discuss the various options that we have for your organisation, we would be more than happy to assist.