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We’re about Best Practice, not Common Practice

South Africa Bridging Academy is a skills academy focused on developing in-demand skills amongst youth with a disability leading to employment

What we do:

We develop, co-ordinate and deliver skills programs in extraordinary ways, recognising the diverse needs of our people, the fluctuating demands of our economy, and the projected needs of the future.

Why we do it?

To deliver inclusive, economically relevant, and empowering skills development programs which lead to the active participation of persons with a disability in our economy.

How we do it?

We use a ‘plug and play’ model which tailors specific skills programs that strategically align your organisation’s talent needs. Each cohort delivers specific talent with a disability who are enabled, work ready and qualified.

The Benefits?

A solution that links CSI, Skills Development and EE objectives with a disability confident talent pipeline and a true alignment to smart Sustainability Goals of business.

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