Accessibility audits & environmental awareness training

Disability-accessible environments enhance productivity and safety, customer experience and business competitiveness as they create environments that are easier to navigate, more intuitive, and simpler to work within.

Our Role?

To evaluate environmental barriers within the business to support efforts towards a more accessible and safe environment for all.

1. "Review work role and workstation" with an icon of a telephone 2. "Vocational Rehabilitation" with an icon of two figures 3. "Propose Solutions" with an icon of a light bulb 4. "Identify Potential Barriers" with an icon of a flag 5. "Review the Work Site" with an icon of three stars 6. "The last step connects back to the first, completing the cycle"

Services include:

  • Environmental Accessibility Audits: to promote universal design through identifying and proposing steps to remove barriers in a cost-effective, practical manner
  • Audit report workshops: to capacitate stakeholders involved in infrastructural design, maintenance and/or improvements with feedback from the audit and best practice in creating an accessible workplace
  • Toolkits and guidelines: to guide inclusive and accessible built environments
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