Strategic Consulting and Policy Support
Disability awareness training and communications
Accessibility audits & environmental awareness training
Recruitment services and talent team capacitation
Skills programs, Work readiness and SED programs
Inclusive supply chain solutions

“An organisation that is confident about disability – confident in how it sources and employs talent, in how it designs and provides products and services, and in how it engages its customers – stands to win both commercially and reputationally.”

Bradshaw LeRoux Disability Inclusion Specialists

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Established in 1998

Founded by Lesa Bradshaw in 1998, Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting is a social enterprise dedicated to building a disability-confident economy.


Our mission is to enable accelerated change within people, organisations and socio-economic structures towards building a disability-confident and inclusive society.

Supporting your journey

Through our extensive networks, global alliances, and portfolio of products and services, we are well-positioned to support your journey towards disability confidence, one-step removal at a time!
Lesa Bradshaw

Founder: Lesa Bradshaw

“Transformative cultures don’t just include diversity… they recognise and embrace its value”

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