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Disability Inclusivity : Adding Value via Diversity

When employment means empowerment…

This campaign inspires business owners to join the inclusive world of disability employment where employees are hired for their skills and potential, and are not defined by their disabilities.

What Inclusivity Does For Your Business

Research indicates that creating a more disability inclusive workplace benefits companies and their employees through improved innovation, access to new consumer markets, tapping into an underutilized labour pool and improving employer branding which promotes profitability. Considering that 20% of the consumer population is directly influenced by disability, it makes good business sense to incorporate this form of diversity. Aside from this, recognition of efforts from a Scorecard, Skills Development and Empowerment perspective is an added advantage when done correctly.

We are in an era where movements are aplenty and freedom of speech is the driver, we are seeing a revolutionary shift towards a business world that is a lot more inclined to consider and enforce equality in the workplace.

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