Online Empowerment Programme

Bradshaw Le Roux remains dedicated to ensuring that anyone with a disability and in search of employment has an equal opportunity to not simply find a job but to find equality in their workplace too.

Lack of continuity in providing awareness around our stereotypes, judgements, misconceptions or perceptions of people with a disability, and how they impact on job seekers and employees with a disability, results in barriers to inclusion re-emerging.

It is for this reason that we have also initiated online training programmes to ensure those working hard to create Disability Inclusive environments find success. Cost-effective, efficient and eliminating the need for logistical coordination, our programme coaches employees with disabilities on how to successfully manage barriers found within the workplace. The online training we provide is tailormade to suit a multitude of organisational levels, with each specific and relevant to the position in which the inductee is operating.

This ultimately makes this a highly effective method in communicating a company’s strategies and plans in the space of Disability Inclusion, promoting greater support and standardisation that stems from a common vision.

For More Information on this Fantastic Programme, Contact Lesa Bradshaw