Pre-Assessments for Selected PWD Candidates registered on Training or Learnership Programmes

Whilst assessments are generally considered useful for screening and shortlisting applicants for learnership and training programmes, this is not the only place for assessments, particularly when recruiting persons with a disability (PWD’s). In this case, it may be more important to conduct the relevant psychometric/competency based assessments following the shortlisting process, particularly if such shortlisting has been done with a specialist PWD recruitment agency such as Bradshaw Le Roux Consulting.

Are you running a learnership which may include PWD’s?

It may be worthwhile considering the benefits of pre-learnership assessments with Bradshaw Le Roux Consulting to ensure that trainers are fully aware of cognitive and physical limitations of the incumbents prior to start of the learnership.This process will facilitate learning and ensure that the all trainers and stakeholders are aware of the reasonable accommodation requirements for each individual. It would be important to utilise the services of an assessment company that are experienced in terms of facilitating assessments of PWD’s. Reasonable accommodation requirements vary per learner and a “one fits all” approach cannot be applied.

Depending on the level/type of learnership programme that the PWD would be attending, a battery of valid and suitable assessments would be put together in order to ascertain the candidate’s current abilities and likely strengths and weaknesses during the course of the learnership programme. Bradshaw Le Roux would conduct a pre-assessment interview which could be done on the same day of the scheduled assessments. The experienced assessor would be able to establish which reasonable accommodation measures to apply to each learner (in terms of time allocations, physical assistance or adaptations of materials). A post assessment interview would then be conducted in order to establish how the individual experienced the assessment and what their expectations are in terms of reasonable accommodation.

If you are looking for assistance with your PWD learnership assessments either during your screening and recruitment process or for the purposes of enhancing the likely success of PWD’s on supported learnerships, do not hesitate to contact:

Nicky LeRoux

Director / Head of Assessments

031 7652547