One of the major barriers to employment faced by people with a mobility impairment is the lack of reliable, accessible public transport which will allow them to get to and from work. Once again, Bradshaw LeRoux has experienced this first hand with a recently placed Learner who we know has great potential to develop a highly successful career given the opportunity.

Given very limited choices of accessible transport in his motorized wheelchair, and having overcome many obstacles, the learner moved closer to a bus route which is serviced by an accessible Municipal bus. However, after a short time, he was faced with the reality of an unreliable service where his bus did not arrive to take him home. When he brought this to our attention, Bradshaw LeRoux stepped in to support him drawing assistance from QASA, a well known organization which is extremely proactive in promoting equal inclusion of People with Mobility Impairments.

After engagements with the necessary authorities, our Learner’s frustrations were heard, and a commitment from the Mayor was to ensure that a more reliable transport solution was ensured, with the results proving positive thus far. We will continue to monitor this commitment and the difference in makes to fair inclusion of People with a Disability both in the workplace, and society as a whole.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our learner, Allan for his proactive tenacity, Unilever for their support of his predicament, Ari Seirlis from QASA for his quick acting guidance and intervention, as well as the Ethekwini Municipality for acting upon this case. We look forward to continued action-orientated interventions from our Transport Department in ensuring that People with a Disability are recognized as tax-paying, equal value members of society who are fully entitled to service delivery.