A Series of “Flawless Facts” by Lesa Bradshaw – Topic 2

Creating a Disability Inclusive Culture not only involves creating an accessible workplace for persons with a disability, but also includes supporting disability empowerment and dignity on a broader level. It is estimated that 1 in 20 of our employees care for a child or immediate family member who has a disability. This often impacts on performance at work, as the requirement to juggle personal and work demands becomes more of a challenge. Here are some policy ideas on how to support such employees in their efforts to successfully manage both of these demands :

Flexible work scheduling arrangements

  • Be open to flexibility in working hours, provided that the hours worked total a full work week

Leave policies

  • Where possible, allow annual leave to be used flexibly as/when needed

Time-off Policies

  • Consider allowing your employee use a portion of their sick leave to take children/family members with a disability to medical appointments

Family Supports at Work

  • Include Information, workshops and resources on disability for employees in your Employee Wellness / Assistance programs to provide help with personal needs or situations

Child related Programs

  • Special onsite care for children who are sick or have special needs could be considered in your day care facilities
  • Consider a fund to reimbursement child care costs when the employees need to work late or travel for business

Health Benefits

Offer Comprehensive benefits to cover families (and children’s) extensive needs

For more information on our Disability Inclusion consulting around Policies which support inclusive cultures, contact us on lesa@bradshawleroux.co.za

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