An Article by Nicky LeRoux, Managing member of BradshawLeRoux Consulting 

Whilst we are all trying to navigate through the unchartered waters that COVID19 has caused globally, retrenchment is an unfortunate reality for many South African businesses. This is likely to be a highly stressful and emotional time for all parties involved and the need for sustainability should not cause us to lose focus of the human element. When uncertainty about the security of their jobs becomes a reality, people are going to need additional support. Furthermore, when the lockdown is over and businesses start to re-enter the economy, it is important that we maintain our business’ credibility and reputation amongst employees, clients and suppliers. So too is it going to be necessary for us to provide our remaining employees with the support they require as it is likely that they are also feeling anxious about their future and may be having to adjust to new roles.

There are many benefits for introducing Retrenchment Coaching for both the employee and employer. From an Employer’s perspective, the company is able to maintain their credibility and reputation. Whilst the procedural aspects of retrenchment and strict adherence to our LRA should always remain a priority, and we recommend that you seek specialist advice in this regard, the coaching of outplaced employees and remaining employees can indirectly help to reduce the likelihood of CCMA hearings.


  • Helping outplaced employees to understand their emotions and to develop effective coping skills
  • Career guidance assessments and assistance with setting future goals and plans in place.
  • Helping individuals to identify industries and areas where they can apply their skills.
  • Supporting these individuals in their journey, encouraging them to take accountability for achieving their goals.
  • Imparting industry skills in terms of job searching, personal branding, formulating a professional cv, preparing for competency-based interviewing.

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