A Series of “Flawless Facts” by Lesa Bradshaw – Topic 11

I’ve decided to keep this blog punchy and potent as, if any of you are like me, you are quite frankly quite overloaded with views , opinions, and multi-platform inputs on the impact of Covid 19 on the economy and the business sectors which make up this economy. So here goes:

Where are we in the recruitment and talent sourcing space? All over the place! Some can’t keep up with the workload as they frantically source for essential service talent, others sit dormant as their demand has dried up faster than a raindrop in the Sahara desert.

What does this mean? It means we have all had to reshape our businesses in some way. Some have had to quickly bring in extra resources to keep up with short term demand, others have been faced with the need to shrink their workforce, and some have had to completely change their business model to feed into a niche market or consider innovate ways to gain the competitive edge.

In our case, our concern lies in the fact that with reduced hires, high levels of retrenchment, and many businesses operating in  short term basic survival mode, the focus on sourcing and placing talent with a disability may drop down on the priority list. So here we sit with a huge talent base of persons with a disability, and not enough active vacancies to fill.

So how do we solve this dilemma? We shift our business model to allow us to share our database of talent with an expansive network of recruiters who can link this talent to employment. Enter ODIN Recruit … the Online Disability Inclusion Network which includes access to a database of talent with a disability, as well as disability inclusion support and information pertaining to the workplace. ODIN Recruit is the “go to” guru for Recruitment Companies and Internal Recruiters who are responsible for the sourcing and placement of talent with a disability.

How does it work?  ODIN Recruit is a subscription-based service – no placement fees, no placement fee ‘splits’, and no variable costs.  It gives you access to the CVs of active job seekers with a disability, including their current contact details, ‘proof of disability’ certificates, qualifications and reasonable accommodation requirements.  You provide the profile of the talent you need, ODIN Recruit will do the search, and send you the CVs of ‘matched’ applicants. But that’s just the start! ODIN Recruit will also support you in become more ‘disability aware’ as your subscription will include online disability awareness training, access to informational resources, and personal support on all disability related questions that you may have. The aim of ODIN Recruit is to support you in making successful, sustainable placements of talent with a disability.

How does it benefit you?  Watch our short ODIN Recruit video by clicking here to find out!

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